Egomotion: Cork’s newest film-making community.

   In Cork there are numerous people interested in film and short film-making and surely the proof of this lies within the ‘Egomotion’ group. Egomotion was first set up in 2006 by Daniel O’ Connell and Seán Wallace with a view to bringing together those budding film-makers that are hidden around Cork. The egomotion website was established with much focus directed on its forum. On a trip to the forum you will find that there are posts by amateur sound technicians, actors, writers and cinematographers. Put them together and you’ve got a motley film crew. This actually solves a major problem for a lot of people: often an amateur ‘film-maker’ will actually only have a strong interest in one of more aspects of film but lack the talents needed to create a complete film project. You may have a fantastic script but the chances of knowing people who own (and know how to manage) sound equipment, editing software or even a camera can be slim unless you’ve done a course in film-making and secured contacts (and even then it can be difficult).

   Fortunately the egomotion forum is a friendly and informal option for gathering together a film team. Check out to read up on the history and ideas behind ego and to check out the forum itself.

   Attention should also be brought to the fact that egomotion run Futureshorts on the last Wednesday evening of every month. It’s at 8pm upstairs in the Roundy Bar and it’s only a fiver for national and international shorts. Local shorts are also frequently shown so if you want to see some audience reaction to your short film, do think about getting in contact. The Futureshorts programmes are an international success and are also screened in Dublin and in other cities around the world. You can also view some examples on the Futureshorts channel on YouTube.


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