Short film shoot in Cork.

The aptly titled ‘Man and Dog’ is underway in Cork and we have a very cute pic of its main attraction.

Below is a photo of Taz the dog, aka Davy the dog, aka Taz the dog. A little bichon frise dog with multiple talents, he actually plays two different characters in this tale of one man and his dog. The scenes were shot in Fitzgerald’s Park Taz the Cork amid showers of hail. Never film outside in Ireland if you can help it, particularly not in the middle of April! Taz, however, has been very well behaved despite what they say about never working with children or animals. His only problem is showing off whenever another dog walks past. Tut what a diva! Quite a few  scenes have been shot at this stage but we are still on the lookout for a male actor for the second part of the film: See this post below. We’re hoping to have filming wrapped up by May. Until we have some more snippets to show ye, I’ll leave ye with Taz…


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