Top Ten Indiana Jones Moments.

In the lead up to the new Jones movie, I’ve been posting a few Indy related pieces. Thought this might be fun seeing as these movies all have well known scenes…so here we go; this is my top 10, in no particular order. Leave a comment saying whether you agree or not. Potential spoilers here too for the few who’ve never watched Indiana Jones.

Run!1. Boulder chase (Raiders of the Lost Ark): Well you can’t really miss this one, it’s been parodied so many times. This classic booby trap was a close call for Indy.

2. Adios Satipo! (Raiders): Satipo the guide (a young Alfred Molina) thinks he’s so clever running off with Indy’s precious stone until he’s literally pinned to the cave wall on his way out…eughh.The swordsman that Indy refuses to entertain

3. Gun versus Sword (Raiders): A scary looking swordsman gets ready to slice n’chop, facing Indy in typical duel manner. Indy, having no time for all this swordplay pulls a gun and puts a quick end to the fight.

4. Meltdown (Raiders): With Indy and Mario tied to a pole, the Ark of the Covenant must defend itself and it does so in an unforgettable way, obliterating the Nazis with rays of light. The most iconic shot, however, is that of the evil Tohts head melting away layer by layer…shudder* He was ugly enough to begin with.

5. So Long Lao Che! (Temple of Doom): There’s lots of funny moments in the Jones trilogy but I think I like this the best..a cheeky Indiana waves goodbye to madman Lao Che before pulling shut the plane door…which clearly has Lao Che printed across it. Cut to Che himself going Mwah ha ha ha ha…The Jones baddies have the best evil laughs.

6. Beetlemania (Temple): Wilhelmina ‘Willie’ Scott, picking her way along a secret corridor, is already swamped in creepy crawlies of all sorts when Indy screams at her to search for a secret lever in the wall in order to rescue him and Shorty from their predicament. She sticks her hand in, only to be covered in yet more long legged insects…ugh.

Bad brakes on those olde carts!7. Runaway Cart (Temple): Well, this is well-known…throw together a few mining carts, Indiana Jones himself and his sidekicks, a few baddies and a mine that looks like it might collapse altogether and you’re in for a roller coaster of a ride.

8. Snakes! (The Last Crusade): Indy’s fear of snakes is born when a young version of Jones himself, played by River Phoenix, falls into an entire crate of the slimy critters sending him into lifelong snake shock.

9. Invisible Path (Crusade): This is my favourite Indiana Jones moment. It’s definetely the most magical if you ask me. Jones takes a leap of faith only to find that his feet are safely on solid rock.

10. Cup of Life (Crusade): Cunning bad guy, Walter Donovan, lets greed get the better of him and drinks from what he believes to be the Holy Grail only to age rapidly finally disappearing in a cloud of dust. His disintegrating face is one of the best effects in the movie.

Soo that’s it; I’m surprised I’ve got three moments from Temple of Doom as it’s my least favourite Indy film..If you read this and have an opinion let me know!


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Indiana Jones Moments.

  1. Well having only recently (er..last week) watched the Indiana Jones trilogy in all its glory, I feel qualified to comment on its best moments. The invisible bridge and shooting the swordsman outright are definitely up there at the top. I also really like when Indy goes to find Marian at the bar in Nepal- shes standing facing the wall, the door opens and all we see is that iconic shadow of the man himself. Also in Crusade..heh..the bit where Henry and the lads think Indy has fallen to his death with the tank off the cliff, and are completely oblivious to him wheezing and climbing his way up the side just off to their right!

  2. One of my personal favorite moments from the Indy trilogy comes from when Indy and Henry are tied to the chairs in the Last Crusade. Elsa Schneider says ‘I cant forget how wonderful it was’ to Indy and Henry replies ‘Yes, it was rather wonderful.’ Then the whole ‘and zis is how we say goodbye in Germany, Dr. Jones’ bit. It’s such a great comedy Indy moment.

  3. Yes it’s a good moment too. I actually think Sean Connery is really good as Indy’s Dad, although I’d never have chosen him for the role myself. Esp as he was only 12 years older than Harrison Ford.

  4. I think the “no ticket” part in Last Crusade would deserve to be in the list. That scene always cracks me up. 🙂

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