Top 25 Lies Told on Film Sets

I’ve swiped this from the Filmbase e-newsletter which you can sign up for at the Filmbase site. As far as amatuer films go, well, 6, 14, and proabably 16 are the most relevant!

Top 25 Lies Told on Film Sets:

1.We’ll never see that.
2.It’ll be an early wrap.
3.Of course I can ride (swim, drive, skydive…)!
4.We’ll be ready in 5 minutes.
5.She/he is coming out of the trailer now.
6.You won’t even see the rain.
7.I’m more critical than you are and I think it looks great.
8.We’ll fix that on your next check.
9.I didn’t get the changes.
10.The car is not going to move in this shot.
11.We won’t ever look that way.
12.Do this one for me and I’ll remember you on the next one.
13.There are no lines in this one, so they won’t talk.
14.Don’t worry about it; they’ll fix it in editing.
15.We’ll make sure the crew doesn’t eat, drink or smoke inside the location.
16.Don’t worry- we checked with the Union and it’s OK.
17.I wasn’t here that day.
18.Don’t worry- we’ll clear the set for that scene.
19.I can do my own makeup and hair.
20.We won’t let anyone drive to the set.Everyone will park in the crew parking.
21.They never discussed this in the meeting.
22.In the time we’ve wasted talking about it, we could have shot it again.
23.I never saw a script.
24.They only told me last night.
25.It’ll match!


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