A Tale of Three Legs: New Cork Documentary.

Soon to be screened at the Cork Film Festival, ‘A Tale of Three Legs‘ follows Corkman Colin Carroll on his quest to break the Guinness Book of Records time for the Three-Legged Marathon with fellow Corkonian John Meade. Not only that, but Carroll is also busy planning the launch of the Paddy Games in 2009 (www.paddygames.ie), an alternative to the conventional Olympics where competitors can win gold in events such as the 2000 metre crawl, Bogroll Gymnastics and, of course, Three-Legged Hurdles. Below is the trailer for this documentary about “taking silliness seriously”. More details below..

A Tale of Three Legs’ will premiere at The Corona Cork Film Festival on Sunday October 19th at 11AM. This feature length (63 mins.) film was shot and edited by Cork filmmaker Páraic English and produced by Niall Owens and Niall Johannson. All three are former students of St John’s Central College. Amy Ryan on camera and Liam Cotter on sound recording duties were also integral members of the crew. The film was produced independently over seven months and became a labour of love for the crew who heard of Colin’s bizarre plans in March 2008.

After an initial meeting with Colin the idea of scheduling interviews and a strict shooting roster quickly flew out the window. Both Colin and the crew have day jobs so a promise was made to shoot when possible giving priority to the more bizarre events that seem to make up Colin’s life. The attempt at the World Record forms the driving narrative of the piece but contributions from family, friends, spiritual advisors and the like paint a fascinating back story. After breaking his back in a surfing accident in Spain 10 years ago Colin has a deep respect for the miracle of movement, something most of us take for granted. With this in mind he set out to capture every world record he could for his native Ireland, the more outlandish the better. His aim in life is to ‘take silliness seriously!’ With recession and financial crisis on everyone’s lips, what better way to finish off the festival than losing yourself in A Tale of Three Legs.


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