Cork Horror: He Dies at the End by Damien Mc Carthy

Damien Mc Carthy, a former student of St. Johns and one of Cork’s up and coming short film-makers is currently experiencing plenty success with his horror short, ‘He Dies at the End’. ‘He Dies’ is a simple but effective horror, shot in black and white and free of dialogue. It tells the tale of one man and the shock that awaits him when he responds to some questions suddenly posed by his computer. The film has been screened at the Film4 Frightfest in London, the Shriekfest in Hollywood and our own Cork Film Festival. Next up is the Leeds International Film Festival which runs from November 4th-16th. You can view ‘He Dies’ below or at Damien’s myspace page here. Watch out for his next horror which commences shooting over the next few months.


2 thoughts on “Cork Horror: He Dies at the End by Damien Mc Carthy

  1. Really wanted to see this one at Cork but it didn’t coincide with my trip – I’d no idea it was online, so thanks for posting this.

    Terrific little film – like all the best horror, it’s about an idea rather than the more physical aspects emphasised in most horror features (I like gore as much the next man, but a plot is always nice too). Well done to all involved with it.

    I’m also pretty glad I was watching this with the light on.

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