Eclipse set photos…from an extra’s point of view

Below are two snaps of the ‘Eclipse’ movie set at Fota House back in September. Thanks to Fiona for these. The film, which I previously mentioned with regard to the extras auditions, stars Ciarán Hinds and Aidan Quinn and is directed by Conor McPherson. If there’s anyone out there who’d like to comment on the experience of being an Eclipse extra, feel free to do so below!


In the Marquee on the Eclipse set.


Partly in, partly outside the marquee..with lots of equipment!


21 thoughts on “Eclipse set photos…from an extra’s point of view

  1. I was also an extra on the film. It was great not only did I get to meet some great people but I also got to have a firsthand view of what a real film set is like 🙂
    Most of my acting experience is in theatre so it was a nice change. Ciaran Hinds was wonderful and charming …. wish the same could be said for Quinn.

  2. That very much surprises me as Aidan Quinn was totally approachable friendly and unpretentious to me. Does anybody know the release date of this film?

    • hey everyone ,i am a beginner actor , im friendly and easy going and will do what it takes , i was a extra on the film ”the eclipse ”.it was my first experience on a real movie set and it was brilliant. i got word that it is doing great in the US of A…

  3. I see 🙂 After reading years of comments on Ciaran Hinds and his impeccable character I must admit that the words wonderful and charming are glued to the man like bees on honey. Thank you!

  4. Leo, I haven’t heard anything about a release date yet but I did read that it’s gonna be a TV movie, although you may already know that. I guess it’ll air on RTE at some stage next year…possibly!

  5. Hi,

    I work at the resort where the cast, crew and production team spent three months making this film, and had close contact with the cast.

    I would like to say that having looked after Mr Quinn, Mr Hinds, Mr Mc Pherson, Ms Hjejle, and all the other producers, that they are indeed extremely nice people.

  6. Ah wow this is class ! i played Micheal Farr`s(Ciaran hinds) daughter in the movie. It was such a great experience and everyone was so friendly!Cant wait till it comes out.

  7. Thanks Jools and Hannah, hope ye enjoyed it. Eclipse got a mention in the Sunday Times this last Sunday too…as one of the most awaited Irish dramas of the year. Let’s hope it’s good now!

  8. My son was part of the school scene,also an alter boy,he totally enjoyed the experience of being on a film set,everyone was great.cant wait to see Eclipse

  9. Hey
    I also played one of ciaran’s children. It was great to work with everyone they were all very nic look forward to seeing it.

  10. i was playing percussion wiyh THE BLARNEY BRASS AND REED BAND on th elawn outside Fota House in the film. Im so excited to be part of this production . cant wiat to see it on screen .

  11. I was there near the end of shooting in fota, for the dinner scene with the monster coming out of the ground, what a fabulous experience, was given a new family for the night and all, plus a free meal, havnt heard from the new wife since must have been something I said, took kids as well….. Cast and crew were fantastic.

  12. I too was an extra in The Eclipse…it was really brilliant – Ciaran Hinds was sooo nice and from my only dealing with Aidan Quinn, I thought him approachable and friendly. I sent a copy of a live album recording of mine to Mr. Hinds and he sent me a lovely note thanking me for it! It’s in my box of treasured possessions 🙂
    I just saw an ad on RTE that The Eclipse will be aired in the new season…which will probably be in the next couple of months! Can’t wait to see it – though I’ll probably have to go through it on slow to catch a glimpse of myself!

    • I played a featured extra sitting beside Aidan Quinn in the bar scene..just had to react to what he was saying to me!would have loved to have replied to him..whether I spoke or not was on the whim of the director and he said.not neccessary!The set up was very good and Aidan was polite and affable.He said he had been talking to an elderly man(extra)a few mins before scene who said he was Liam Brady’s father..he asked me who is Liam Brady?!!Brilliant.

  13. hey i was an extra in the film when it was being filmed at fota house and i thought it was a great experiance! i approched aidan for a picture and he was very easy going! if anyone knows the release date for the film in ireland please post it up here! thanks.

  14. it must of been amazing iv done acting since i was seven but i only ever done stuff like the panto and end of the year shows iv always dreamed of being in a film but i am hard working and im not ready to give up on my dream yet so if anyone needs a extra or better again a main role i would be honured if i came to mind!…… ~emmarose o keeffe~

  15. Hey , went for the audition and got through to the next round but unfortunatley i didn’t get the part but for my first time doing an audition for the movie i was delighted 😀

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