Documentary shorts

“In January 1999, Matthew O’ Reilly left his parents’ home in Barnstaple, Devon. He has not been seen since. All that remains of him are his paintings which his father, Tim, curates.”

Dear Matthew is a short documentary in which Tim O’ Reilly tells of his son’s departure and the effect it had on his family. Matthew’s paintings seem to hold some clues as to how the talented artist was feeling in the days before his departure. This documentary was directed by Keith O Shea, a graduate of the Film and Television course at the University of Wales, Newport, and has garnered a number of awards including Best International Short at the IFI Stranger than Fiction Documentary festival in 2009.

You can watch Dear Matthew in full at Vimeo:

and you can read more of Keith’s journalistic/documentary adventures here:

Another filmmaker named Keith O’ Shea ( I don’t think it’s the same director..but please correct me if I’m wrong!), has a very different topic to discuss in his documentary, 120bpm, which focuses on the ups and downs of the one time famous nightclub, Sir Henrys. The dance/house music scene is discussed in detail, although not so much the Freakscene side of things, or the performances by groups such as Nirvana and Sonic Youth. Nevertheless it does allow some insight into the goings on that made Sir Henrys so legendary in Cork and surrounding areas. Visit Vinyl Films Youtube page here to see the doc in four parts.


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