Unveiling The Stub’s new comic strip, and links for the week…

Two for the price of one here as we launch The Stub’s new comic strip, entitled Take Two, courtesy of Cethan Leahy…And inspired by other blogs out there, I’ve put together a weekly set of links related to all things film on the web. Enjoy!

And now for your weekly dose of links…

For the latest audition news in Cork, and beyond, visit Laughing Mask.

Nice site for Hitchcock fans including a fun Cameos section highlighting all his brief appearances.

Visit Cablog, the blog for Dublin/LA based production company Caboom, for lots of interesting bits and pieces, particularly those related to animation.

For anyone whose seen W.C., one of the latest Irish feature films to hit screens, you can read this press release:(WC Lifting the Lid press release Feb 2010[1]) about the new documentary, Lifting the Lid, on the process of making the actual feature. More at www.wcthemovie.com.

And because there’s more to life than film..one non-film link. Yummy recipes and reading tips at Cornflour, thanks for the tip Laura.

As some of ye might know, this post was planned for last weekend, but much tweaking went on as I attempted to fit a rather wide comic strip into a Wordpress blog. As it’s all sorted now, expect future posts to appear as planned, hopefully.. 🙂


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