The Big Scream: Date Night

Róisín Thornhill reviews one of the monthly baby-friendly screenings at Mahonpoint Omniplex, Cork.

 Like most new mothers the word Routine is the most common word we have in our vocabulary. We use it when talking to haggard other mothers ‘is your little one is a routine yet?’ to bored  friends ‘no she’s not in a routine yet’, to hopeful spouses…’please god she’ll go into a routine soon’. Yet when your little one is refusing point blank to have her routine nap on a Wednesday morning, there’s worse things you can do than head along to the cinema and forget about the R word for a couple of hours.

As an avid film buff the hardest part of motherhood for me (apart from the usual complaints like sleep deprivation etc) was film deprivation. No more ‘I’ll meet you in the foyer in ten minutes’, ‘I’ll buy the tickets online’ or ‘yeah lets go to the late showing for a change’ now it takes military precision and timing needing additional troops (to watch your precious bundle of joy). Frankly it’s not worth the hassle, ‘so lets just wait for the DVD’ becomes your new turn of phrase.  Well new parents/film buffs fear not. There is salvation out there in the form of The Big Scream. Running monthly in the Omniplex Mahon Point, it’s a baby friendly screening of a movie that allows you to bring in baby, buggy and of course your film deprived self. Outside snacks aren’t frowned upon (babies aren’t popcorns biggest fans), breast feeding isn’t prohibited and best of all no matter how much noise your little one makes, no one is frowning at you, they’re too busy trying to keep their little one quiet.

Date Night

The screening itself was the latest Tina Fey, Steve Carrell vehicle ‘Date Night’ a harmless comedy that doesn’t break any new cinematic ground but rumbles along quite nicely. A case of mistaken identity leads married couple-in- a-rut The Fosters (Fey & Carrell doing their usual schtick) on a wild night around the isle of Manhattan. Featuring  corrupt cops, mobsters and some clever cameos Date Night is pleasant and light. CinematicalIy I’d normally give a film like this 5 out of 10 but for getting me out of the dreaded R word even for just a couple of hours its up there with Citizen Kane.



Contact for future Big Scream screenings.

Written by Róisín Thornhill


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