Penny screened at the Triskel

A few weeks ago I posted about a new short film called ‘Penny’ by director Patrick O’Shea of Southernman Films. See the older post here. Penny was screened at the Triskel on Friday, September 5th along with two of O’ Shea’s other shorts: ‘The Sign’ and ‘Uncle Joe’. Penny focuses on a young girl who discovers she is pregnant on the day of her first Leaving Cert exam. And there are other complications too.. Mary Louise Mc Carthy displays some fine acting in the role of Penny, as does Pascal Scott as her father. Much use is made of Kevin Waugh’s piano music which was also supplied for the other short, Uncle Joe. The Triskel is a good venue for screening short films and it’s a pity that not more use is made of the screen there. Normally, we only get to see shorts in the Triskel during festivals, so it was nice to see a somebody making use of it. A good idea for anyone else looking to publicise their short film perhaps??


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