A bit about the site (and myself):

The Stub first appeared in August 2007. But only really got off the ground in January 2008. Then it went on a major hiatus a couple of years ago, and I’m only just resurrecting it now. I had originally aimed to report on filmmaking projects around the country and post weekly reviews, but life gets in the way, so from now on, it will be a more personal blog, but one that welcomes comments and such! I hope you enjoy reading my posts, both old and new, as well as those written by friends.

As for me, I’m Gemma, from Cork. I did an MA in Film Studies what seems like many moons ago already (2005-’06), and I’ve done a course in script analysis online also. When I can, I write and make short films.

You can email me at thestubonline (@) gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting The Stub and taking time to read about me and my site:)



9 thoughts on “About

  1. wow this is a cool site.. I can’t wait to find out so much film stuff from it and read about nb and classy filmmakers like Ms. Riordan and co..

  2. laced!?what?I beg your pardon if it were sarcastic I would be insinuating that *cough, Ms. Riordan and her minions are, in fact, not classy and a rather shabby bunch.
    *note: you may want to delete this comment in order to preserve the impending reputation of the site. My callous words and sarcasm will only drag it down.

  3. Hi all, great little site, best of succes to all involved! Feel free to take any reviews/news from our site and stick em in here, Our typing aint great, so you might want to do a spell check on them first…

    best of luck

  4. Just moved back to Cork from UK and looking for film work in any area!

    Great site, fantastic idea, keep up the good work and keep us informed 🙂

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